Specialisation in brief...


I have specialised in translation and interpretation for the insurance sector since 2002, rendering services to both life and non-life insurers:
  • Insurance Terms and Conditions and tariffs
  • Legal opinions
  • Risk assessment / underwriting
  • Insurance and other contracts
  • Sales, including strategies, plans, forecasts, procedures, result analyses
  • Claims handling, including related documentation and procedures
  • Management Board, Supervisory Board meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Employee meetings, business meetings
  • Sales, underwriting, insurance software training

Law and economy

I have also dealt with legal and economic translations since 2002:
  • Legal opinions
  • Contracts
  • Pleadings
  • Statutory law
  • Orders
  • Accounting documentation
  • Annual reports
  • Financial statements
  • Business plans


I have been translating and interpreting for developers and other representatives of the construction sector since 2006:
  • Offers
  • Contracts of sale, construction design work, construction work
  • Land development planning, application forms for decisions and decisions on site development conditions
  • Excerpts from land and mortgage registers
  • Architectural and building documentation

Regular co-operation


Clients interested in establishing long-term co-operation can use my special offer.
Insurers, brokers, lawyer and notary offices as well as developers are especially welcome to start this kind of cooperation...