Long-term cooperation – special offer

Clients interested in establishing long-term cooperation can use my special offer consisting of a monthly package of translation or interpretation services under a 6-month or 12-month agreement.

Your benefits:

  • Same quality guaranteed – you have a guarantee that always one, highly qualified translator / interpreter, with every text or meeting better acquainted with the reality and vocabulary used in your Company, will be dealing with your translation or interpreting needs
  • Advantageous, lower price per page / time of interpreting - see price list
  • Constant price of service regardless of urgency of translation
  • Quarterly settlement of pages/ time of interpreting – you do not lose the pages / time purchased but not used during one month.

Long-term cooperation can also cover certified translation and interpretation services; prices are negotiated individually, also under 6-month or 12-month agreements.

I look forward to hearing from you!

See price list.



Regular co-operation


Clients interested in establishing long-term co-operation can use my special offer.
Insurers, brokers, lawyer and notary offices as well as developers are especially welcome to start this kind of cooperation...