Interpreting work is particularly demanding. Not only is it necessary to master the general language, but also a specialised one, necessary for the purposes of a given meeting. This work also requires special predisposition.

Types of interpreting services offered:

  • consecutive
  • simultaneous (booth and chouchotage)
  • escort interpreting

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Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation technique requires the speaker and the interpreter to take turns to speak.
It is used during official speeches and short presentations, as well as in talks. Some coaches prefer this technique even for whole day training courses since they believe that it enables all participants to benefit fully from the training.

Consecutive interpreting does not require hiring specialist equipment; hence, it is a cheaper solution than simultaneous interpreting; however, it makes the meetings longer.


Simultaneous interpretation  

Simultaneous interpretation (booth, chouchotage) requires the interpreter to follow the speaker as he or she speaks.

Booth interpretation is performed using specialist equipment. Booth interpreters usually work in pairs, taking turns to speak, sitting in a sound-proof booth. An interpreter listens to the original speech via earphones and renders the message simultaneously into another language, thus passing it to the listeners, also via earphones.
Booth interpretation is used most frequently during events in which many speakers and listeners take part, often ones speaking more than 2 languages (conferences, congresses, training courses etc.).
A simplified form of simultaneous interpretation is one carried out using infoport system. It does not require using booths, only a microphone for the interpreter and a set of earphones for the listeners. This makes it a cheaper option, but still a less comfortable one.

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Whispered interpretation (chouchotage) is a variant of simultaneous interpretation. It is usually performed for one or two people. The interpreter renders the message whispering it.
This technique is often used during presentations or meetings during which the listener's role is of an observer mostly.
One of the qualities of simultaneous interpreting is that it does not lengthen the duration of an event because it does not require the interruption of the speaker.


Escort interpretation  

Escort interpretation is performed for a person or a delegation on a tour, visit, during meetings or interviews.

The payment for escort interpretation is based on the time the interpreter remains at the client's disposal. The client also covers the interpreter's travel and accommodation expenses and the interpreter is granted equal status as a member of the delegation.



Regular co-operation


Clients interested in establishing long-term co-operation can use my special offer.
Insurers, brokers, lawyer and notary offices as well as developers are especially welcome to start this kind of cooperation...