Certified translation and interpretation

Certified translation and interpretation is one that must be certified by a sworn translator, i.e. one entered into the list of sworn translators kept by the Minister of Justice (tlumacze.ms.gov.pl).
My number on the list of sworn translators of the Minister of Justice: TP/55/10.

Certified translation

Certified translation is required in the case of documents which are to be used for official purposes.
Certified translation consists of translating every element visible on the original, including stamps, notes, references etc., as provided for in the law on certified translation; every page of translation is stamped and signed by the sworn translator.

Most frequently translated documents:

  • legal instruments (notary's deeds, articles of association and company statutes, excerpts from Commercial Registry, Registry of Entrepreneurs, contracts)
  • financial, bookkeeping and accounting documents (financial statements, auditors' opinions and reports, annual reports)
  • documents of vehicles purchased abroad (vehicle registration, vehicle log book, invoices)
  • birth, marriage, death certificates, criminal record certificates, diplomas and school certificates
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Certified interpretation

To put it simply, a sworn interpreter is needed wherever legal proceedings are taking place and a foreigner takes part in them.
Interpretation takes place in courts, police stations and prosecutors' offices as well as notaries or lawyers' offices and on the premises of companies having foreign shareholders.

Most frequently interpreted meetings or events:

  • general assemblies
  • notarial deeds
  • proceedings of law enforcement bodies and the judiciary
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Regular co-operation


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